Feb 20

Cody Brown 140 +: codecademy vs. scroll kit -


This past week, Kate and I demoed scroll kit to the NYTM. We’ve kept development of scroll kit pretty quiet so it was both frightening and thrilling to finally show the site to 1,000 + nerds at the same time. We had three minutes to pull off the demo and I was happy to see that much of the…

Domainr Blog: How to Acquire a Domain Name (That Someone Already Owns) -


Background: We created Domainr almost four years ago, and since then many people have contacted us asking how to buy domain names that other people already own. We’ve not yet been through that process ourselves, so we asked our friend Julian Shapiro, founder of NameLayer, to write a guest…

Feb 12

tommy's tenacious tumblr: What I've Learned About Smart People. -


Going to Harvard means I have the very unique opportunity to be around a lot of smart people. Now, when I say “smart people,” I don’t mean that guy who always wins trivia night. I mean, blazingly intelligent individuals who are regarded as the pre-eminent scholars in their field. It’s pretty…

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